How much does cost cheap private jet flights?

It is worth knowing that by chartering a cheap private jet flights you will avoid contact with other passengers. For private jets and turboprops, there is usually a separate terminal and a fast track passage. The price also includes check-in and baggage care, including its collection.

Companies that offer cheap private jet flights in the case of transcontinental travel operate on the basis of jet homing. This means that after traveling outside Europe, the plane waits for you throughout your stay in a given place. In the case of European travel, the aircraft returns to base for the next scheduled flights. An interesting question arises here as well.

The empty legs system of cheap private jet flights consists in the fact that operators who do not pay to return to the base „empty” offer a flight to the base, often for a very low rate, even 70% cheaper than in the offer. Empty legs is becoming an increasingly fashionable way to travel, thanks to which you can save a lot of time. After your arrival at your destination and homing the plane, the pilot, on a predetermined date, returns for you and takes you home safely. Taking into account the maximum range of the machine, the aircraft is selected in such a way as to avoid unnecessary refueling stops.  How much cheap private jet flights costs?

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